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Angled Walnut Studio Rack

Angled Walnut Studio Rack

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This is a rack I designed for a local music studio to match their walnut interior. I've had many more requests since so I'm making it a permanent listing here on the page.

It's really a stunning piece-- I do every step by hand, including the finish, which is done with all-natural, 0-VOC hand-rubbed finish. It's buttery smooth and beautifully colored.

16" at base, 12" at top (can alter this if needed) 20.5" exterior width 16" hairpin legs which I shorten as the piece gets taller, all the way down to 6" for a 14U.

With such an expensive piece, you can expect that I will take all of your preferences into account and pay extreme attention to detail. 

**Please, allow 5 weeks turnaround time for this product, due to the ongoing global lumber shortage which constrains us here in Brooklyn.

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