Our Story

Carpenter Studio Gear was started in Brooklyn in the early days of the 2020 Lockdown by an audio engineer with a newly-empty social calendar and a budding love of woodworking.

All racks are handmade in Portland and built to last a lifetime.


 As a professional audio engineer, I’ve used and bought dozens of equipment racks. They have always been disappointing. Whether wood with thin, cracking veneers, ugly portable plastic, or that scruffy material that reminds me of Walmart kids' guitar amps.

Frustrated with the lack of options out there (affordable ones, at least), for folks who need a rack that looks nice, lasts a long time, and doesn’t break the bank, I started this business. My first customer was a coworker, and just 6 months later I made my 100th sale. 

Our racks are inexpensive compared to their competition, but they’re more beautiful and more durable. Every piece of wood is carefully selected, and each unit is cut, joined, and finished with precision.

You might also like to request a rack made from Ambrosia Maple, Walnut, or another exotic wood. It costs more and takes a bit longer, but offers a level of beauty and craftsmanship that more affordable woods do not. If that’s your thing, just reach out.

I have never received less than a five-star review, and pride myself on my communication skills. You're the boss, and I'm the builder. I look forward to working for you.

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Looking for custom work?

louis [at] carpenterstudiogear [dot] com

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I will need the following information:

Unit Count, Depth, Total Height Constraint (optional), Hairpin legs (yes/no), Rubber Feet (yes/no; for desktop racks or floor racks with no legs). Thanks!