Heritage Series - Hardwood Racks

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We are absolutely thrilled to be introducing our first premium line of racks-- as durable and beautiful as you've come to expect, but with an additional level of craftsmanship.

The Heritage Series of studio equipment racks is our opportunity to create more nuanced designs, with solid (and exotic) woods. This "dovetailed" rack features traditional dovetail joinery. This is a method that does not rely on screws, but rather the strength of the interlocking "dovetail" pattern, fortified with a natural glue. It is traditionally the mark of a careful and skilled approach to the craft of woodworking, and is thousands of years old.

Our Heritage Series also features only sustainably sourced woods, and can be customized in almost any way at your request =).

Check out this video of the finishing process: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cnzkh2bjFRw/

Like our standard birch racks, this is a durable, carefully built piece that will last as long as the gear inside it. One is not necessarily "better" than the other; they represent a different balancing of the priorities of beauty, durability, aesthetic, and price.